Some backstory

Small Intro

I was looking at Relic Castle (a Pokémon RPG Maker game forum) and they announced a jam. The theme could be anything Pokémon related and even it did have a month to make a game, I had other stuff to do.

When I read about the MS Paint Jam, i just decided it had to be a Pokémon game. I thought about a while and decided it would be about a trainer who is about to win the Pokémon League - in other words, starting from the end in Pokémon games' perspective.

A friend of mine has let me draw him to be the main trainer and I put Cynthia on my game just because I love her.


If you've played it before reading this, you'll know there's only one dialog scene and two battles. I really did want to make more stuff but time was a factor here. So I tried to make the battles as interesting as possible (and that's the reason they're so hard).

I didn't have the time to figure out to fully research the Pokémon system, so I mixed up with RPG Maker defaults. Pokémon has MP instead of PP and the z-move is activated using full TP. And it's possible to use Struggle on first turn! - although you would want to use that.

If you got stuck on second battle, remember Garchomp is 4x weak to Ice and you have two ice moves (Ice Beam and Subzero Slammer).


On the spirit of jam, all graphics were made using Microsoft Paint, I've only used Photoshop to create transparencies.

I used official themes for the before battle music and the winning theme. The battle themes is a 8bit remix of Cynthia's theme made by Pokéli.

Scripts were made by Yanfly, Hime, Moghunter and Crystal Noel. Without them, this game would never exist at all.

The future

Maybe I'll continue this game on the future, but I can't be so sure. Let's see if Amber deserves more adventures.

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